Connecticut House Concert, 2014

I still remember the day when my very first house concert was booked for the Green Dot Journey tour. It was by 2 of my closest friends, the kind of friends that are with you through thick and thin. In my particular case, friends that stay constant and supportive through all of my crazy ideas, best listeners ever, and have the best advice ever. Jen, Jim and I have spent hours over the last decade, cooking, drinking, and chatting together until the wee hours of the morning.

They sadly moved away a couple years ago and I really miss hanging out and shootin’ the breeze with them. On the bright side (pre covid anyway) I was seeing them several times a year (and will again) at their beautiful home on Vashon Island (they have the best cider tastings ever on Vashon!) and at their cabin on the river (have such good memories of sitting in the river with a beer watching the sun set and talking…always talking…pulling the world apart and putting it back together again). I am truly fortunate to have friends such as these and am counting the days to when covid is over and I can see them again…

Wow, I got totally (and happily) off track. Yeah, so they were the first to book a concert on the new fangled booking system on my new fangled website. I was soooo excited back then. You had to scrape me off the ceiling to get me to sit still. Anyway, I performed the concert for Jen & Jim, Jen’s dad Mal, and their family and friends in Connecticut. The beautiful, old home was full of history and stories which Jen was able to fill me in on, with her vast store of historical knowledge.

It was a great concert with wonderful people and beautiful music, thanks to Jen, Jim, and Mal and the Green Dot Competition winners.

House Concert in Connecticut at the Holloway House
Visiting Jen and Jim at their home in Vashon, Washington