Suite America by Wallace DePue Sr., Green Dot Journey Competition Winner

Wallace DePue Sr.’s Suite America commemorates the beautiful landscapes and waterways of America and Canada from the Cape Breton Highlands of Nova Scotia to the sand dunes of Michigan to the turbulent waters of Niagara Falls. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, DePue’s musical gifts were recognized and cultivated from an early age as showcased in the premiere performance of his first operetta libretto at his high school graduation ceremony. As a concert pianist, he would go on to perform on the Arthur Godfrey and Horace Heidt shows during the 1950s. Following the completion of a Master of Arts Degree at Ohio State University and a Doctoral Degree in Music Composition from Michigan State University (under the guidance of Dr. H. Owen Reed), DePue joined the faculty of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, and retired in 1998. DePue composes music every day and is currently immersed in his latest musical endeavor, The Wonderful Witch of Oz, an opera that addresses mankind’s responsibility toward nature.    Website