Three Asterisms by Lucas Oikle, Green Dot Journey Competition Winner

In Three Asterisms, Oickle returns to his roots through an exploration of the sonic remembrances of his youth growing up along the Atlantic Coast of Canada: “My composition is centered on my favourite thing about summer in Nova Scotia: singing frogs on a clear evening. Because of the many hours I spent by our pond in rural Nova Scotia at night throughout the summers, I will always associate the sound of frogs chirping with the vast mosaic of stars above.” Oickle’s inspiration derives not only from a deep desire to represent the wonders of pristine natural settings but also as a reaction to the urbanization of the world, which is devastating local ecologies and soundscapes worldwide: “Sound pollution is perhaps even more rapid and insidious than air pollution—and it violates…one of the most valuable facets of being in nature.”    

Lucas currently lives in Shizuoka, Japan with his wife Chihiro and their two cats Taro and Ponzu. Originally from Nova Scotia, Lucas is an associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre. Website