Vanessa with the 2 competition judges and most of the winners.
Polina wasn’t able to make it to the premiere in Reno but Vanessa met her a couple months later and was given a grand tour of New Haven, CT, of Yale, and of Polina’s favorite park in the area.

Putting this new website together has been a fun trip down memory lane. The competition was a highlight for me and I look forward to connecting with the composers again to put together the promised Green Dot Journey CD recording of their pieces. This video, put together by Andrew Ardans sums it up perfectly!

Wallace DePue Sr.’s Suite America commemorates the beautiful landscapes and waterways of America and Canada from the Cape Breton Highlands of Nova Scotia to the sand dunes of Michigan to the turbulent waters of Niagara Falls. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, DePue’s musical gifts were recognized and cultivated from an early age as showcased in the premiere performance of his first operetta libretto at his high school graduation ceremony. As a concert pianist, he would go on to perform on the Arthur Godfrey and Horace Heidt shows during the 1950s. Following the completion of a Master of Arts Degree at Ohio State University and a Doctoral Degree in Music Composition from Michigan State University (under the guidance of Dr. H. Owen Reed), DePue joined the faculty of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, and retired in 1998. DePue composes music every day and is currently immersed in his latest musical endeavor, The Wonderful Witch of Oz, an opera that addresses mankind’s responsibility toward nature.    Website

Jules Pegram, Vanessa, and Frank Felice – after the Green Dot Journey Concert Premiere

Frank and I go wayyyy back. He was my Composition and Form & Analyses teacher in my undergraduate at Butler University. He was a mainstay when I was putting together the Green Dot Journey Composer Competition in 2014 and also one of the judges for the competition. Now he is a part of my newest project and has written a beautiful piece representing Glacier National Park. When he heard about the project he asked right away to be given permission for this particular park as Montana is his home state, incredibly gorgeous state that it is. I can’t wait to visit!!

To describe Frank, other than the wonderful, personable, friendly, and helpful soul that I know personally, I’ve included a quote from his website… “An eclectic composer who writes with a postmodern mischievousness: his pieces can be comedic/ironic, simple/complex, or humble/reverent. Recent music has taken a turn towards the sweeter side, exploring a consonant adiatonicism. ”

I look forward to recording and sharing his beautiful piece with you. Sheet music is already available and the recording, if all goes as planned, will be finished in January of 2021 and then the video filmed in Glacier National Park a short time after that…so excited!!

It was in 2015 that I received a phone call from Jeffrey Hoover offering to write me a piece inspired by nature and accompanied by his own artwork. He sent me several of his already composed violin pieces and I fell in love with his style. We settled on a piece to be written for violin and harp as I was in close contact with my harpist friend Marina Roznitovsky Oster and looked forward to collaborating with her. The three of us worked closely over the next several months and were all very happy with the result.

Watercolors of Earth and Sky is approximately 12 minutes in duration and is broken into 4 movements, each with corresponding picture (see below). The movements are descriptively named Tiger Lilies in the Sun, Buttes (violin solo), Shadow On the Moon, and Canyons.

Marina and I recorded it with Dallas Smith, a fantastic musician, recording engineer and friend. I’ve included 2 of the movements below including the solo violin movement Buttes and the third movement with violin and harp, Shadow on the Moon. Enjoy! If you’re a musician and would like to learn and perform this incredible piece click here to order the sheet music and mp3’s for your own enjoyment and here to learn more about Jeffrey Hoover.

Buttes and Shadow on the Moon

From learning how to swim and surf in the Pacific to taking family road trips down Highway 1, the Golden State’s scenic splendor indelibly marks James Bishop’s work: “This is not only a place of beauty for me, but also a place of creation. I see it in the artistry of the sky… I feel it every time I am immersed in that huge mass of water—vast, beautiful, and commanding of respect. I see that same creativity and beauty in the variety of the vastly diverse landscapes surrounding me—an ocean to my left, rolling hills to my right, mountains in front of me, deserts behind me, woodlands, farmlands, flat plains, towering peaks all around me.”

Bishop graduated in Music Composition at Point Loma Nazarene University under the direction of Dr. Victor Labenske, and he drew upon his many fond memories growing up in Poway, California, while writing Witch Creek Rhapsody. His current endeavors include composing music for the film industry and composing and recording a full-length album on the trail called We Go Together, from his PCT thru-hike experience. James is currently based out of San Diego, CA. Website