Very special thank you to you, my lovely patrons and to all the wonderful collaborators listed below for making it all possible!   So excited!! 1 down – 62 left to go, haha!

Lon Chaffin, composer

Eric Kao, pianist

Michael Eardley, recording engineer

Enchanted Boutique, dress

Laura Lackey, hair & makeup designer

Alex Antholzner, director

Larry Jackson, producer

Luis Gutierrez, filmer

Jacob Donohue, editor

I’m excited to share this with you for a little behind the scenes interview with Alex, discussing the ups and downs of the filming process.  

PS. When I’m scrambling for the right word and saying “silver stuff” the word I was really looking for was pewter, “I know a pewter sculptor” haha, so yeah, there’s that.

PSS. Also,  I mention that the final video was to be released in Oct. but in reality it’ll be released 8 days from today…on December 8th…yay!!!!

Editing, the next step in the process, was handled beautifully by Jacob Donohue.  

Towards the end of the editing process I flew down to join him in L. A. and we finished up matching the bow to the audio as closely as possible.  

It’s tricky business even if I had played everything perfectly but with all the commotion of filming and the starting and stopping in different parts of the song, it was tricky not to have memory slips and I played through them but wasn’t always matching the audio of what I was hearing in my ear, haha.

Anyway, we did the best we could and I learned that in the future I  need to know the piece wayyy better by memory  in  order to make our lives easier during the editing process 🙂

And an extra fun perk to my trip was that I got to visit with my cousin Desiree!!

Good times!

BTW, 10 more days till the early release of the final video!!!