Watercolors of Earth & Sky, Jeffrey Hoover

It was in 2015 that I received a phone call from Jeffrey Hoover offering to write me a piece inspired by nature and accompanied by his own artwork. He sent me several of his already composed violin pieces and I fell in love with his style. We settled on a piece to be written for violin and harp as I was in close contact with my harpist friend Marina Roznitovsky Oster and looked forward to collaborating with her. The three of us worked closely over the next several months and were all very happy with the result.

Watercolors of Earth and Sky is approximately 12 minutes in duration and is broken into 4 movements, each with corresponding picture (see below). The movements are descriptively named Tiger Lilies in the Sun, Buttes (violin solo), Shadow On the Moon, and Canyons.

Marina and I recorded it with Dallas Smith, a fantastic musician, recording engineer and friend. I’ve included 2 of the movements below including the solo violin movement Buttes and the third movement with violin and harp, Shadow on the Moon. Enjoy! If you’re a musician and would like to learn and perform this incredible piece click here to order the sheet music and mp3’s for your own enjoyment and here to learn more about Jeffrey Hoover.

Buttes and Shadow on the Moon